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Outline of Turks: The Western Turks - Pechenegs



Another Turkish tribe that appeared in eastern and southeastern Europe and in the Balkans in the 10th century was the Pechenegs. The Pechenegs, who were not able to withstand the pressure of the Khazar-Oghuz alliance crossed the Volga and reached Hungary. They settled in these lands and the Hungarians, who lived there, were compelled to leave. They spread out on the steppes from the Don River to the west of the Dnieper. In the 11th century they descended down the Dnieper to present-day Bessarabia. When in 1091 they joined forces with the Emir of İzmir Caka Bey, to take İstanbul, they suffered the most bitter defeat in their history in the battle with the Byzantine-Cuman forces on the shores of the Maritza river. In accordance with their traditions, many chose to die in battle. The Byzantines executed all the Pechenegs they had captured. Thus, the political life of the Pechenegs ceased. The surviving Pechenegs went to Hungary. Those that were captured by the Byzantines remained in Macedonia. With the end of the Pechenegs, the first stage of the advance of the Turks into Europe came to an end. The Turks would not be seen in Europe for another 200 years. Up



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