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Hattusha (Hattusa/Hattusas, Yazilikaya, Bogazkale/Bogazkoy, Corum)


Deep in the heart of Anatolia Turkey, approximately 150 km east of Ankara and near the northern border of ancient Cappadocia, the centre of a powerful empire was located: Hattusa (Hattusha-Hattusas), the Capital city of the Hittites (Ancient Anatolian Peoples). From about 1650/1600 to 1200 BC, the Great Kings of Hattusha ruled an empire that reached across the broad lands of Anatolia, extending at times even into the north of Syria; they conquered Babylon, and Troy was apparently one of their vassals. Besides Egypt, Assyria and Babylonia the Hittites were the third superpower of the Ancient Near East.

The remains of Hattusa (Hattusha/Hattusas) excavated and restored up to now form an archaeological open air museum, as part of a Historical National Park. Hattusha (Hattusa/Hattusas)  is also one of nine sites in Turkey currently included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In 2001 the cuneiform tablet archives excavated at Hattusha (Hattusa / Hattusas), now kept in the archaeological museums of Ankara (Museum of Anatolian Civilizations) and Istanbul, have been added to the UNESCO Memory of the World List.

The Excavations at Hattusa (Hattusha) is a project of the German Institute of Archaeology


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