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TransAnatolie Health Tours: Cultural Thalasso-Thermal Tours-Holidays of TransAnatolie: TransAnatolie Thalasso and Beauty Care Holidays in Turkey


Health Tours in Turkey with TransAnatolie




 Transanatolie TA06AF02: Health Tours in Turkey: TransAnatolie Thermal Thalasso Culture: 10 Day Cultural & Thalasso – Thermal Turkey Tour: Afyonkarahisar - Ankara. PAGEREF _Toc103955852 \h 2

Day 1: Europe - Ankara - Afyonkarahisar PAGEREF _Toc103955853 \h 2

Day 2: Ankara-Phyrgia-Afyonkarahisar PAGEREF _Toc103955854 \h 2

Day 3-6: Thermal stay at İkbal Deluxe Thermal Hotel (5*) PAGEREF _Toc103955855 \h 2

Day 7: Afyon-Konya-Cappadocia. PAGEREF _Toc103955856 \h 2

Day 8: Cappadocia. PAGEREF _Toc103955857 \h 3

Day 9: Cappadoce-Césarée (Kayseri) - Ankara. PAGEREF _Toc103955858 \h 3

Day 10: Ankara-Europe. PAGEREF _Toc103955859 \h 4

Pricing. PAGEREF _Toc103955860 \h 4

Inclusive. PAGEREF _Toc103955861 \h 4

Exclusive. PAGEREF _Toc103955862 \h 4

Optional excursions PAGEREF _Toc103955863 \h 4

TransAnatolie Tour: Multilingual Cultural Tour Provider and Operator. PAGEREF _Toc103955864 \h 5


Transanatolie TA06AF02: Health Tours in Turkey: TransAnatolie Thermal Thalasso Culture: 10 Day Cultural & Thalasso – Thermal Turkey Tour: Afyonkarahisar - Ankara

Day 1: Europe - Ankara - Afyonkarahisar

Reception at the airport and transfer to our İkbal Deluxe Thermal Hotel in Afyonkarahisar (3h from Ankara)

Dinner and overnight. i

Day 2: Ankara-Phyrgia-Afyonkarahisar

After the breakfast we will untie the Gordian knot in Gordian, while . the Midas of Phrygia awaits us with all its richness.

Then we visit the Pessinius site close to Sivrihisar.

After the lunch, we discover Phrygia, the Town of Midas, the Cybele Tempel, Yazılıkaya and all the Eastern Phrygia.

Dinner and overnight at Ikbal deluxe thermal hotel.

Relaxation at the thermal baths (hamams) and swimming pools of Ikbal Hotel. i

Day 3-6: Thermal stay at İkbal Deluxe Thermal Hotel (5*)

Enjoy their hospitability and high Quality of Services. i

Day 7: Afyon-Konya-Cappadocia

After the breakfast, we leave İkbal Deluxe Hotel for Konya (The city of Dervishes-The Capital of Seljuk Turkish Empire).

We visit the Karatay Museum (Médrésa); well known due to its  finest squares and faicences decorating the Seljuk Empire Palaces, and the Mosque of Alaeddin Keykoubad, unique in its architectural style in the world. Lunch at the Caravanserai of Horozluhan on the ancient Silk Road.

In the afternoon, pay a visit to the convents of the Dancing Dervishes, Mevlana Mausoléum. Mevlana, thinker, philosopher and mystical poet of the limitless tolerance; neither border nor colour.

Then we follow the "foot steps of Marco Pasha".

Have a break in Aksaray to photograph the unique and ancient Curved Minaret (Ince Minare) also called “Pizz of Aksaray”.

In end of the day we arrive at the underground city Saratlı to taste the wonderful wine of the hospitable alevite villagers in Saratli.

Dinner and overnight in Cappadoce at the Vera Kaymaklı Hotel (5”). i

Day 8: Cappadocia

After breakfast, we visit the old houses and troglodytes of ÜRGÜP, ÜÇ GÜZELLER, the valley of the Pigeons, UCHISAR, AVCILAR, the valley of GÖREME and churches therein. Lunch is either at the hotel or at KORU restaurant.

Then, we benefit from a program of relaxation to discover various craft industries (weaving and tying of carpet, onyx, leather). Dîner and overnight at our hotel. i

Day 9: Cappadoce-Césarée (Kayseri) - Ankara

We continue enjoying Cappadocia Stay with small stops for photographs, small excursions for craft industry and Onyx. Further we explore Paşabağ, part of the Zelve Valley. Crossing the Red River on foot in Venessa-Avanos we take photographs of the typical houses. In the course of road we visit the City of Julius Sézarus: Kayseri with its typical Seljuk Monuments of art and arthitecture. Lunch along the road.

Dinner and housing at Keykan Hotel (3*) in Ankara. i

Day 10: Ankara-Europe

After the breakfast, free time to explore The Capital City of Turkey until the transfer time.

Transfer to the Esenboga Airport for Europe; end of the TransAnatolie Tour high QoS. i


·        For Pricing Click List of TransAnatolie Turkey Tours, Services and  Pricing or

·        Contac Us: Contact Information for TransAnatolie Tour  i


·        Transport (Drunk Mercedes to 403-Intro-Safir Air-conditioned)

·        Hotel (5* Ikbal thermal luxury hotel* in Afyonkarahisar and 5* Vera Kaymaklı resort in Cappadoce)

·        Guide (Professional Guide certified by the Ministry for the Culture and Tourism; speaking the language if  the group)

·        High Quality of Service (during the stay thérmal in half pension and during the cultural tour in pension supplements)

·        Meal of midday in the restaurants during the cultural tour (7th, 8th, 9th days)

·        Open thermal swimming pool, swimming pools and glazes, swimming pool of cure, Turkish Bath-Hamam, thermal baths, finois, sauna, fitness, jakouzie, tennis, table tennis, disco music, mini club, gaming room,

·        Steps and aerobics in the mornings and evenings by the private trainers. i


·        Flights Europe/Turkey/Europe,

·        Drinks in hotels and restaurants,

·        Optional excursions and tips,

·        Transport in Europe,

·        Insurances,

·        Airport tax. i

Optional excursions

·        Folk evening in Cappadocia

·        Discovery of Cappadocia by Balloon

·        Dancing Dervishes Performance Evening  i

TransAnatolie Tour: Multilingual Cultural Tour Provider and Operator.



Turkey has a magnificent past, and is a land full of archaeological, architectural, historical and cultural treasures from thirteen successive Ancient Anatolian Civilizations spanning 10,000 years! Even if one spends only a short time in Turkey, one gets by the Multi-lingual Cultural Tour Operator TransAnatolie Tour the opportunity to discover and explore a lot of these cultural, historical, archaeological, architectural and belief/biblical heritages with specially designed superb itineraries and with high QoS.

Turkey is also a paradise of sun, sea, sand, mountains, forests, lakes and natural thermal resorts to practice Blue Cruise, Hobby Eco Nature & Wildlife Tourism as well as Health Tourism. 

From April to October, most places in Turkey have an ideal climate that is perfect for relaxing on sandy beaches or enjoying the tranquility of forests, mountains and lakes.

There is no doubt that one visit will not be enough, and you would like to come back again and again as you discover one extraordinary place after another. All of them, no matter how different, have one thing in common: the friendly and hospitable people of this unique country of civilizations.

Turkey offers, via TransAnatolie Tour (Multilingual Cultural Tour Operator in Turkey and abroad), the vacationer a complete change from the stress and routine of everyday life.

TransAnatolie Tour (Multi-Lingual Cultural Tour Operator in Anatolia (Asia Minor) Turkey) is a leading provider and operator of archaeological, historical, belief (biblical) and cultural heritage tours and specialty travel with high Quality of Service (QoS) concept.

The heart of TransAnatolie tourism spectrum comprises organization, provision and operations of

Each TransAnatolie Tour itinerary has been carefully planned, architected and designed by our experienced tour program developers together with our outstanding scholars around the world.

TransAnatolie Tours are executed in five languages (Dutch, English, French, German and Turkish) with high QoS concept by Tourism Professionals of valuable experience, intelligence and high intellectual and social capacity.

TransAnatolie Tour executive and operations teams have been at the cutting edge of international tour (holiday) operations and specialty travel since 1990s, working with organizations, universities and museums to provide unique travel experiences, cultural and belief (biblical) tours (holidays/trips) to their memberships.

TransAnatolie has immersed travelers in Anatolia's most fascinating ancient cultures and provided enriching travel experiences.


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