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Cultural Mini Tours in Turkey of TransAnatolie Tour

TransAnatolie Cultural Mini Tours in Turkey


Cultural Mini Tours in Turkey (transanatolie.com)



TransAnatolie TA06M05: Kızılırmak (Red River) Tour- Cultural and Sight Seeing Turkey Tour: 5 days PAGEREF _Toc104986301 \h 2

Day 1. Ankara-Hattusas-Amasya. PAGEREF _Toc104986302 \h 2

Day 2. Amasya- Zile-Çekerek-Boğazlıyan-Cappadocia. PAGEREF _Toc104986303 \h 3

Day 3. Cappadocia. PAGEREF _Toc104986304 \h 3

Day 4. Cappadocia. PAGEREF _Toc104986305 \h 3

Day 5. Cappadocia- Kayseri-Ankara. PAGEREF _Toc104986306 \h 4

Pricing. PAGEREF _Toc104986307 \h 4

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TransAnatolie Tour: Multilingual Cultural Tour Provider and Operator. PAGEREF _Toc104986310 \h 4





TransAnatolie TA06M05: Kızılırmak (Red River) Tour- Cultural and Sight Seeing Turkey Tour: 5 days

Day 1. Ankara-Hattusas-Amasya

In the morning we drive via Kızılırmak Valley to the capital of the Hittite Empire Hattusas. Hattusas is currently registered as a Historical National Park. The main places we shall visit are from the last period of the Great Hittite Empire. On the way following the route of the park we shall  see Big temple at Aşağı Sevir (temple numbered 1), city ramparts and its monumental gatest (Arslanlı Gate (gate with lions)), Poterni and Yer Gates and Kral Gate. Numbered temples (until 31) at Yukarı Sevir are composed of Nisan Hill, Kingdom Palace, other buildings and Great Castle. Most important buildings of Frig Period are Bastionu and Güney Castles.

Yazılıkaya open air temple, a unique remnant of Hittite Empire Period, is at 2 km north east of Boğazköy. It was formed with two spaces, named big and little galleries, and arranged with possible formation that fits the natural location of local stones. Goddesses' embossments take place on the right wall, god embossments are situated at the left wall of Big gallery. Note that both groups described here is an symbol of a motion towards the main scene. i.e.,  meeting of Weather God Tesup and his wife Goddess Hepatu.

Lunch is a Hittite spicy menu prepared by local villagers.

In the afternoon, we drive to Amasya; birth place of Geographer Strabon and it is also the education and training centrum for the Otoman Princes.

During sunset time, walking through Yeşilırmak Valley, take photo of Amasya Yalıboyu Houses which are the best instances of Ottoman architecture.

Dinner and overnight at our Hotel in Amasya (Apple-Tusan Grubu 4*-Charme hotel catogory). i

Day 2. Amasya- Zile-Çekerek-Boğazlıyan-Cappadocia

After open buffet breakfast, we explore, the city of Ferhat and Şirin (also known as the city of Crown), Amasya: old houses, Rock Tombs of the Kings ( belong to Hellenistic period), Amasya Castle, Burmalı Minaret Mosque, Bayezid II. Mosque and Kulliye, Gök Medresse, Bridges ( Çağlayan, Alçak, Kuş ), Daruşşifa-Bimarhane ( Mental Asylum ), and  Amasya Museum which is one of the richest and most modern museums with its 27 000 items as an heritage from 11 civilizations.

Lunch at the local restaurant.

After lunch, we visit Zile Castle where Roman-Pontus wars took place and the Roman king Julius Cesar had made his well known speech ( Veni-Vidi-Vici )). Via Turhal-Zile- Çekerek-Sorgun-Boğazlıyan road we arrive to one of the most fantastic landscape in the world, Cappadocia.

Dinner and overnight at our 4* Burcu Kaya Hotel in Ortahisar. i

Day 3. Cappadocia

After open buffet breakfast, visit the ancient Ürgüp Houses, Üç Güzeller, Pigeon Valley, Uçhisar, Avcılar, Göreme Valley, Open Air Museum and surrounding churches.

Lunch at the hotel or open buffet in Koru Restaurant.

After lunch, we follow a relaxing program and explore handcrafts (carpet weaving and knitting).

Return to hotel for a little rest. Dinner and overnight at our hotel. i

Day 4. Cappadocia

After open buffet breakfast, visit Güller Valley, Develi Valley, Zelve,Paşabağ.

During lunch taste the region’s specialty Çömlek Kebap at the restaurant while having the magnifacant Kızılırmak River view.

 After lunch, walk through the streets of Avanos to see how pottery was produced, passing through bridge built on Kızılırmak River during Ottoman period. Afternoon, visit the peacuful and wonderful landscape of Cappadocia and the old, tranquil and picturesque town of Mustafapaşa known formerly as Sinasos. Then, Cemil-Taşkınpaşa-Soğanlı Valley, Hasan and Erciyes Mountains. Authentic hand-made linen dolls are produced in Soğanlı. Handwork gloves and socks ornamented with Anatolian motifs, also attract attention.

Dinner and overnight at our hotel. i

Day 5. Cappadocia- Kayseri-Ankara

Time-out after breakfast. Then we drive to Kayseri- Caesarea of Roman times. We visit the Huant Hatun Complex; the Medrese is now an Ethnography Museum. The beautifully decorated Döner Kümbet from 1276, a Seljuk mausoleum of classic simplicity is at the south of the complex. We then visit the anatomy school of Seljuks, i.e., the Gevher Nesibe Medical History Museum,  the Sahabiye Medrese and the restored 12th century Ulu Mosque at the city's bedesten (market hall).

After having lunch in Kayseri and we drive back to Ankara. i


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·        During Cappadocia tour, Turkish night with folk dances and Mevlevi prerformance all inc.

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TransAnatolie Tour: Multilingual Cultural Tour Provider and Operator.



Turkey has a magnificent past, and is a land full of archaeological, architectural, historical and cultural treasures from thirteen successive Ancient Anatolian Civilizations spanning 10,000 years! Even if one spends only a short time in Turkey, one gets by the Multi-lingual Cultural Tour Operator TransAnatolie Tour the opportunity to discover and explore a lot of these cultural, historical, archaeological, architectural and belief/biblical heritages with specially designed superb itineraries and with high QoS.

Turkey is also a paradise of sun, sea, sand, mountains, forests, lakes and natural thermal resorts to practice Blue Cruise, Hobby Eco Nature & Wildlife Tourism as well as Health Tourism. 

From April to October, most places in Turkey have an ideal climate that is perfect for relaxing on sandy beaches or enjoying the tranquility of forests, mountains and lakes.

There is no doubt that one visit will not be enough, and you would like to come back again and again as you discover one extraordinary place after another. All of them, no matter how different, have one thing in common: the friendly and hospitable people of this unique country of civilizations.

Turkey offers, via TransAnatolie Tour (Multilingual Cultural Tour Operator in Turkey and abroad), the vacationer a complete change from the stress and routine of everyday life.

TransAnatolie Tour (Multi-Lingual Cultural Tour Operator in Anatolia (Asia Minor) Turkey) is a leading provider and operator of archaeological, historical, belief (biblical) and cultural heritage tours and specialty travel with high Quality of Service (QoS) concept.

The heart of TransAnatolie tourism spectrum comprises organization, provision and operations of

  • Historical Archeological Cultural Heritage Tours (holidays/trips/travels) to Anatolia Turkey

  • Belief (Biblical) Tours (holidays/trips/travels) in Turkey

  • Blue Cruise (Sailing) along the wonderful Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey

  • Health Thermal-Thalasso Tourism (holidays/trips/travels)

  • Cultural Heritage Mini Tours (holidays/trips/travels)

  • Hobby Eco & Nature Tours (holidays/trips/travels) to Turkey

  • International Tours (holidays/trips/travels)

  • Incentives, Workshops and Congress (IC&C)

  • Golf

Each TransAnatolie Tour itinerary has been carefully planned, architected and designed by our experienced tour program developers together with our outstanding scholars around the world.

TransAnatolie Tours are executed in five languages (Dutch, English, French, German and Turkish) with high QoS concept by Tourism Professionals of valuable experience, intelligence and high intellectual and social capacity.

TransAnatolie Tour executive and operations teams have been at the cutting edge of international tour (holiday) operations and specialty travel since 1990s, working with organizations, universities and museums to provide unique travel experiences, cultural and belief (biblical) tours (holidays/trips) to their memberships.

TransAnatolie has immersed travelers in Anatolia's most fascinating ancient cultures and provided enriching travel experiences.


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